Body Treatments



45 minute back, shoulders, neck, head & face massage.......£40.00


60 minute full body massage .......£45.00


75 minute full body massage including face, head & scalp massage.......£55.00

90 minute full body massage including reflexology, face, head & scalp massage.......£65.00

A relaxing & rejuvenating treatment to effectively reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life, muscle pain & tension.  Body massage promotes better blood & lymph circulation, enhanced sleep quality, improves concentration & reduces fatigue. 


Back, shoulders, neck and head....£35.00

45 minute  deep tissue massage treatment


Back and shoulders deep tissue....£25.00

30 minute  deep tissue massage treatment


Legs & Feet......£25.00

30 minute deep tissue massage treatment


Remedial Massage.....

30 minutes.......£25.00

45 minutes.......£35.00

A treatment tailored to your specific problem areas or recovering muscle group from injury.  We will spend a whole session on any one particular part of the body which is causing you stiffness, pain or decreased range of movement. 


Sports massage 45 mins......£35.00

Sports massage 30 mins......£25.00

To increase suppleness & flexibility in the joints & muscles, to aid in the prevention of sports injuries, and to initiate faster healing of present injuries. 


Please note:  I am also available for any sporting events.  I can set up anywhere, and perform pre/post sports massages for £10 per head for 15 mins per person (minimum 10 people) 


30 minute massage......£25.00


A fantastic massage done seated rather than on a couch, perfect for clients who find getting on to a couch difficult.  Also great for offices, exhibitions, charity events etc, as this massage can also be done through clothing without the use of any oils.


A brilliant treatment which targets the back and shoulder muscles very well...rejunivating & relaxing.


Specifically formulated by Neal`s Yard aromatherapy experts from pure, wild-harvested and organic essential oils.

Calming......Helps to relax over-excited minds

Chamomile & Lavender

Cleanse.......Refreshing whilst suffering sickness

Peppermint & Lemon

De-stress.....Slip into a sense of tranquility

Ylang ylang & Neroli

Focus...........Helps to sharpen the senses, renew clarity

Spearmint & Rosemary


Optimism.....Helps bring renewed positivity & hope

Jasmine & Grapefruit

Womens Balance...Calming when emotions are high

Rose & Geranium

30 minute back massage.......£30.00

60 minute full body massage.......£50.00


30 minute treatment......£25.00

60 minute treatment......£45.00


A wonderfully relaxing treatment, using reflex points on the feet (or hands) which correspond to the whole body.  Specific systems can be worked on, for instance the digestive system for IBS, the reproductive system for fertility issues, the pineal gland & stress reflexes for sleep problems...the list is endless.  

This treatment works on the idea of healing the body as a whole, so as to help it work efficiently in all areas in order  to fight disease & work to its optimal levels.  The treatment increases blood and lymph circulation around the body & breaks down harmful toxins which may have built up in the feet.  


As each foot has over 7000 nerve endings, the feet directly connect physiologically to the nervous system. The treatment promotes good sleep patterns & deep relaxation.  Also great for pregnant ladies & people of the older generation! 


30 minute treatment......£25.00

30 minute treatment with oil.....£30.00


A seated treatment focussing on the upper back, shoulders, neck & head.  A combination of traditional Indian and additonal Western techniques, proven to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.


Indian head massage is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.


Oil treatments are performed using an oil chosen specifically for your body or health condition.  We can decide on your chosen oil during our consultation.  Oils help to deeply moisture the hair from within, rejuvinating dry or damaged hair.  It helps to strengthen the roots of the hair, and promoted new hair growth whilst strengthening current hair.  It spreads the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair lustre and vibrancy.



75 minutes.....£65.00

90 minutes (including face exfoliation & massage)........£75.00


A full body treatment which uses a Himalayan, lime & lemongrass scrub to boost circulation &  helps to exfoliate & invigorate the body.  The detox toning oil helps to tone & detoxify the skin, with stimulating essential oils.  As there is no shower on site, hot mitts are used to remove the salt scrub before the massage.

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