The derma roller offers a simple yet successful stretch mark, hair re-growth and scar treatment at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic treatments like laser therapy. It also helps tackle skin issues such as hyperpigmentation (such as age spots) and sun damage.


The derma roller works by breaking up damaged skin cells and causing the body to produce new collagen. The derma roller won’t remove stretch marks after one or two treatments, but when the process is repeated, the dermal layers of the skin increase in thickness and the stretch gradually fade away, replaced by healthy, smooth skin. 


Ageing skin, lines & wrinkles/ hyperpigmentation/ sun damage/ stretch marks....a course of 3-6 is recommended every 3-6 weeks


Scars...a course of 6-8 is recommended every 3-6 weeks 


£90 per treatment 

£500 for course of 6 treatments 


Microneedling with nutrient dense serums (a form of mesotherapy using a Dermaroller) results in a stimulation of natural hair growth. The chances of a result with Mesotherapy are 90-92% as apposed to Minoxidil (Rogaine) only 50%. Most forms of hair loss are caused by hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicle, a lack of the right nutrients and reduced blood circulation.

A course of 6-24 is recommended, with hair boosting serum and shampoo included for optimal results.

£90 per treatment

£500 for course of 6 treatments

£800 for course of 12 treatments

£1300 for course of 24 treatments