Pebbles. Organic hand-made Cleansers, Toners & Moisturisers


Pebbles. offers a unique choice of hand-made facial products for customers who choose to opt for a facial which is totally free of chemicals.  Customers are invited to choose a cleanser, mask, toner & moisturiser for their facial in advance, so they can be freshly prepared for the treatment. 


All ingredients are organic, and offer many natural benefits for the skin.  Alternatively, you can simply tell me which skin type you are & I can choose a selection for your treatment.  Please inform me of any allergies you know of, although as there are no hidden 'nasties' then it is easy to predict any reactions. 


I hope you enjoy this special & original`ll be astounded at just how effective natural ingredients are at helping your skin to achieve it`s optimal glow, health, fullness & radiance! And no, you can`t eat them afterwards....(!)




Dry skin;  Honey & Cream


Oily skin; Honey & Lemon

                    Almond & Grapeseed Oil


Acne prone skin; Jojoba Oil






Dry skin; Peaches, Almond Oil & Cream


Oily skin; Mint Water


Acne prone skin; Camphor & Rose water


Combination skin; Rose water & Apple Cider Vinegar






Dry skin;  Aloe Vera, Almond & Coconut oil


Oily skin/ Acne prone skin;  Coconut oil & Lavender